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Congratulations to the following teams for 2021 Summer:
C: Happy Horse Tack (Playoffs)
D: Antinora Real Estate (Playoffs)

 Draft Information 
 C1 Wed Sep 22nd 6:30pm 
 C2 Wed Sep 22nd 7:30pm 
 D Thu Sep 23rd 6:30pm 
 E Thu Sep 23rd 7:30pm 

Timed emails are still having having issues. They will be at 8am until it is resolved.

  • What is the player watch?
This can be used for people with two players in a house hold, or maybe to watch your stats at work or maybe you have a friend who is interested when you play and how your teams are doing. This will allow you to have an extra set of stats available quickly.

Next to the players name on the main page.
"Welcome back -name- (###)" is that players number. Just enter that number in below and when you go to the main page it will show up!

The player must be signed in before their number will show up.

Player Number     Use 0 to reset
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